TTT Product Line for the Sawmill Industry

TTT Machine Knives and Saws are produced to fit customer specifications for all makes and models of Sawmill Industry.

• Carbide Tipped (TCT) and
  Stellite Tipped (ST) Saw Blades
  Diameter 200-1300 mm

• Solid Tooth Ripping Saw Blades
  Diameter 500-1300 mm

• Set and Filed Saw Blades
  Diameter 500-2500 mm

• Cross Cutting Saw Blades/
  Slasher Saw Blades
  Diameter 1250-2500 mm

• Carbide Tipped Cross Cutting Saw
  Blades with standard inserted tooth
  Diameter 1500-2500 mm

• Carbide Tipped Cross Cutting
  Springtooth Saw
  Patented TTT construction: 
  a C-shaped shank fitted with 
  a high-quality edge on the TC Tip
  Diameter 1000-2500 mm

• Canter-Edger Knives and Saw Blades

• Flaker Segments and Rings

• Chipper Knives, Counter Knives and

• Reducer Knives/Lily Pad Knives

• Planer Knives

• Hard-Coated Machine 

• Service for Circular Saws (retipping,
  straightening, tensioning)

Tapio Koivisto
Business Area Manager
Tel. +358 201 240 330
Fax +358 201 240 371

TCT and ST Saw Blades
TCT and ST Saw Blades

Canter-Edger Saw Blades
Canter-Edger Saw Blades

Chipper Knives
Chipper Knives

Saw Blade for Frozen Wood
Saw Blade for Frozen Wood

Canter-Edger Saw Blade
Canter-Edger Saw Blade

 Machine Components
Machine Components

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